Cronjé, Wanda

Year Qualified: 2020

Wine seems to be part of my DNA, spending my formative childhood years in the shade of KWV HQ, might have played a part. I love everything about wine, but most of all I love to introduce others to the stories of the producers, the farms and the magic in the “Wine of Origin South Africa” bottles.
I was ‘forced’ to do the Preliminary and Wines of the Worlds Wine Courses, as both were part of my diploma at Granger Bay Hotel school. After two years of working off study debt, working in the Hospitality Industry in the UK, I returned to South Africa in 1997 to start Dishes, a business catering to international film crews and advertising companies. I attribute my pride in South African wine to some of the people I work with during that decade, realizing that our wine quality and the characters in our industry makes for good stories and great national pride.
I have been involved with Cape Wine Academy for the last 21 years during which I was part of the Sommelier Level 1 government programme, lecturing about wine in a church in Gugulethu.
I believe my formal training as a chef and qualified educator, my knowledge of wine and me never taking myself too seriously has helped to grow my Fun with Food business of small food and wine cooking and pairing events. Since 2018 Fun with Food has expanded into wine training for small groups wanting to be able to ‘speak wine’. This, in turn, has evolved to include hosting a wine club at Urban wines, Durbanville.

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Ovoid and Alternative Wine Vessels in South Africa