Salamon, András (Dr)

Year Qualified: 2007

András is a technology entrepreneur and helped to establish several successful companies.

He discovered the winelands when attending the University of Cape Town, and started learning more seriously about wine as part of the Turing Tipplers wine club at the University of the Witwatersrand, then completed the CWA programme in 2001 and became a Cape Wine Master in 2007.

András prefers classic styles of balanced wines with moderate alcohols. He wrote his CWM seminar on “Techniques to achieve moderate alcohol levels in South African wine”. This surveys techniques that can be applied by viticulturists and winemakers to achieve moderate alcohol levels.

He likes to explore vegetarian food and wine matching with his partner and fellow Cape Wine Master, Dr Vashti Galpin.

In early 2015, András was awarded a doctorate in the mathematics of constraint satisfaction from the University of Oxford. He was a member of the Oxford team at the 54th and 55th annual varsity blind wine tasting matches against Cambridge.

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Dissertation Topic

Techniques to achive moderate alcohol levels in South African wine