Ramsden, Derek

Year Qualified: 2012

Derek Ramsden has always been entrepreneurial by nature, turning the main passions of his life into successful businesses.

After 18 years in the family cabinet-making and shopfitting business with his father, he has carved out a very exclusive niche market in the wine industry by starting One Wine Cellar Consultants. Already in its third year of operation, One Wine Cellar Consultants is the only specialist company in the design, manufacture, sourcing, stocking, management and consulting field for private and restaurant wine cellars.

Armed with the Cape Wine Masters degree, Derek aims to make a name for himself locally and internationally. Who knows, in years to come, maybe his six-year-old son Tyler will be going into business with his dad in turn?

Dissertation Topic: South African Brandy in an International Context

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Dissertation Topic

South African brandy in an international context