Year Qualified: 2012

Dave March was a dedicated athlete in his younger years, completing many marathons under 2½ hours, so wine wasn’t very conducive to a hard training regimen. During a visit to Australia for a year, while relaxing after a strenuous game of boules with friends at Peterson’s winery in Australia’s Hunter Valley, he remembers thinking how nice it would be to become more involved with wine. On his return to the UK he immediately took a Saturday job in a local wine shop, signed up for wine courses and passed the WSET Diploma and completed the Master of Wine course but was unsuccessful in the final exam. As he was a teacher and examinations officer and then adult education manager for 30 years in a large comprehensive school, and not in the trade, it meant he couldn’t attend most of the course and the enjoyment disappeared. He loves traveling, and has spent all his holidays in wine countries, including New Zealand, the US, Chile, Italy, Austria, Spain and France, as well as four consecutive summers in the Moselle and Alsace wine regions! He is of the opinion that South Africa offers as much, if not more, to the wine lover than anywhere else in the world – which is why he now lectures for the Cape Wine Academy and contributes articles to ‘

Dissertation Topic: Wine Investment in South Africa

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Dissertation Topic

Wine investment in South Africa