Malan, Marlee

Year Qualified: 2023

Marlee grew up on a farm on the outskirts of Stellenbosch. She studied marketing part-time and has been working for Vinochem Specialities since 2011, a leading distributor of speciality products to the South African Beverage Industry, specialising in Enzymes. This gave her the inspiration to investigate the potential benefits of applying commercials enzymes in wine production in South Africa as a sustainable, environmentally friendly processing aid.

Her dissertation focusses on the application of different types of enzymes for South African winemakers to improve their process and highlights all the added benefits. Her research finds that the use of enzymes in winemaking holds great economic benefit by optimising yield, efficiency and quality while reducing wear and tear on machinery as well as turn-around times in multiple key processes.

Marlee started with the introduction to wine course at the Cape Wine Academy to gain more knowledge about the South African wine industry and that was the starting point of her ever-expanding appreciation for South African Wine.

This has been a life-changing and inspirational journey for her and she hopes to inspire more people to love, appreciate and drink South African wine!

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Dissertation Topic

The use of enzymes for winemaking in South Africa