Gomez, Martin Fernandez

Year Qualified: 2015

Martin Gomez Fernandez, who is currently Group Supply Chain Development Manager for a dairy firm in Singapore, is a native Spaniard, with many languages under his belt, including English, French, Catalan, Portuguese, German and Italian. He worked in the IT field, specifically in the retail and supply chain environment for companies in Spain, France, South Africa (Woolworths from 2007 to 2011) and Singapore.

After attaining his International MBA at the University of Southern California, US in 2004, he completed his Master of Engineering in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology-ZLOG, Boston, US & Zaragoza, Spain in May 2005.

Martin researched the increasing popularity of Grenache in his dissertation entitled “Grenache: Best Practices and Potential for South Africa.” Interest in Grenache is gaining momentum driven by the increase in producers crafting top quality Grenache wines in South Africa and internationally. This research compiles the best viticultural and winemaking practices from renowned winemakers and viticulturists worldwide. The potential for South Africa is great.

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Dissertation Topic

Grenache: Best practices and potential for South Africa