Year Qualified: 2007

Tom earns his living outside the wine industry, as a qualified chartered accountant, internal auditor and information systems auditor. He is a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers, where he specializes in IT risk management and computer auditing.

Being based in the Western Cape has afforded him various opportunities to work with a number of the South African wine companies and industry organizations.

Tom’s hobbies of wine and travelling have leaded him through the journey to the Cape Wine Master qualification in 2007.

His research project was “The cost breakeven point of wine”. Tom is passionate about wine, wine tasting and the wine industry in general.

He has even tried his hand at wine making (although he admits that he will leave this to the professionals!).

With a strong focus on wanting to share information, Tom often lectures for the Cape Wine Academy. He also regularly presents corporate and private tastings.

Dissertation Topic

The cost breakeven point of wine