Blaauw, Duane (Dr)

Year Qualified: 2009

Dr Duane Blaauw currently works as a medical doctor, public health specialist and health systems researcher at the University of the Witwatersrand. He followed the typical wine hobbyist evolution from uninformed quaffer to interested amateur, and then obsessive expert, with a particular scientific orientation.

With his degree in biochemistry, he appreciates the more technical aspects of oenology.

Blaauw is a member of a number of regular wine tasting groups (including the South African Society of Wine Tasters and Wild Yeasts). He has travelled to most of the important wine regions in the World, and attended a number of international wine conferences.

He has also done the occasional lecture for the CWA. He lives in Johannesburg with his partner and fellow CWM Eftyhia Vardas, and together they fantasise about planting some vines and eventually making wine on their newly purchased Cape property.

Dissertation: “Micro oxygenation in contemporary winemaking”.

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Dissertation Topic

Micro-oxygenation in contemporary winemaking