Berrie, Leigh

Year Qualified: 2011

Leigh Berrie is a medical scientist specializing in Molecular Virology, and lives in Johannesburg. She is currently employed at the National Institute for Communicable Diseases.

Her interest and passion for wine started whilst studying for her PhD at the University of Cape Town in 1998, where she joined the UCT Wine Tasting Society.

Living in Cape Town for four years allowed her the opportunity and accessibility to explore the wealth of wines from the area, and certainly determined her interest in wines henceforth. From there, her passion grew in leaps and bounds and she decided to continue her studies with the Cape Wine Academy by enrolling for the Certificate course, back in Johannesburg, in 2002. Once completed, she began the Diploma course in 2004, followed by the Cape Wine Masters course in 2006.

Dissertation: “Genetically Modified Organisms in the Wine Industry”.

Leigh is also an active member of the Wild Yeasts Tasting Club.

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Dissertation Topic

Genetically modified organisms in the wine industry