Class of 2022 – two new graduates join the ICWM

Two Cape Wine Masters (CWM) who graduated in May from the Cape Wine Academy (CWA) were presented with their diplomas at an awards luncheon hosted by the Cape Wine Academy and the Institute of Cape Wine Masters (ICWM) on 12 August and sponsored by Van Loveren Family Vineyards. The luncheon took place at Van Loveren Family Vineyards in Robertson.

They are Helena Melis, marketing manager and spirits, wine and confectionery buyer at Big Five Duty Free, Johannesburg; and Mark Philp, a director of the Selfords and Donford Motor Group of companies in the Cape.

Mark Philp also won the new CWM Dissertation Excellence Award 2022 for the best dissertation adding to the body of South African wine knowledge, sponsored by Kleine Zalze Wines.

CWM Mark Philp’s dissertation aims to create greater awareness of the main factors contributing to the carbon dioxide generated by the wine industry in the processes of wine-making, packaging, distribution and in wine consumption and offers useful measures for neutralising, sequestering or eliminating such emissions to achieve that desirable net zero carbon footprint.

CWM Helena Melis’s dissertation is on the unique marketing platform that Big Five Duty Free (BFDF) offers to local wine brands in terms of showcasing their products to foreign markets, the merchandising options to promote consumer purchasing in a diverse international marketplace and the promotional value of wine brand ambassadors in selling wines.

Mark Philip and Helena Melis