All candidates are required to prepare a dissertation on a topic approved by the Education Committee as part of the course requirements.

All Cape Wine Master dissertations are available in hard copy at the SAWIS library in Paarl and at the Cape Wine Academy office in Stellenbosch.

Due to their age, some of the older dissertations are not available in a digital format.

Those in pdf format can be downloaded for free from this website – please click on the respective links below.


2023 - Malan, Marlee - The use of enzymes for winemaking in South Africa1.42 MB Download
2023 - Steenkamp, Rudolph - Vineyard practice in South Africa and how to convert conventional farming to organic farming2.23 MB Download
2022 - Melis, Helena - A Case Study of Big Five Duty Free Outlets as an Important Marketing Channel for South African Wine Brands to International Travellers5.86 MB Download
2022 - Philp, Mark - Towards carbon neutrality in the wine industry844.81 KB Download
2021 - Groenewald, Rene - Environmental sustainability in the South African Wine Industry1.59 MB Download
2021 - Van der Merwe, Lieza - How the extreme climatic conditions of the past few years (2015 - 2018) have affected the SA Wine Industry, with a specific focus on drought conditions9.33 MB Download
2021 - Whittaker, Gavin - No Alcohol and Lower Alcohol (NOLO) Wine Products – describe the options available in South Africa, their production methods and discuss whether there is a market for these wines3.22 MB Download
2021 - Swarts-Anton-A-look-at-tartrate-stabilisation-of-wine-in-the-South-African-wine-industry (Amended Edition 01)4.97 MB Download
2020 - Bloom, Karen - The Rise of Prosecco3.25 MB Download
2020 - Cronje, Wanda - Ovoid and Alternative Wine Vessels in South Africa1.03 MB Download
2020 - De Villiers, Lisha - Wine and Health1.04 MB Download
2020 - Gerber, Boela - Understanding Brettanomyces for Improved Management in the Cellar1.24 MB Download
2019 - Henderson, Jacqui - A case for Chardonnay as a regional signature grape variety for Elgins cool climate2.96 MB Download
2018 - Melck, Harry - Strategy vision and business transformation in the wine industry1.72 MB Download
2017 - Butler, Brendan - White Bordeaux style blends in South Africa2.23 MB Download
2017 - Cillie, Francois - Alternative anti oxidants and preservatives in wine - the viability of Rooibos and Honeybush wood1.31 MB Download
2017 - Oertle, Ivan - Evaluating the Development of Emerging South African Black Owned Wine Companies1.27 MB Download
2017 - Swarts, Anton - A look at tartrate stabilisation of wine in the South African wine industry9.48 MB Download
2016 - Briers-Louw, Janno - Dryland viticulture an overview of the South African situation1.43 MB Download
2016 - Steyn, Jacques - Biodynamic viticulture in South Africa1.29 MB Download
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